Afrihost Doubles Your Unshaped Capped GBs
  • 22 Apr

Afrihost Doubles Your Unshaped Capped GBs

Our standard top up rates are R99 per GB. While 2-for-1 topups are running clients will be able to top up at an incredible R49.50 per GB, the lowest top up rates in the market* - and without signing a long term contract or paying a large upfront lump sum.

2-for-1 Topups will become available at certain times during the month, at which point the offer may be extended. Clients will be able to access 2-for-1 Topups in ClientZone, our mobile App or via SMS, in the same way that they currently manage DSL Topups.

* At time of going to press.

Afrihost Mobile Data

Pay Less, Get More - Wherever you are! Our Mobile Data network has extensive coverage in SA, and offers incredible value in and out of bundle. No more shocking data bills!

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