Afrihost Cuts Fibre Pricing, Increases Capacity and Adds New Providers
  • 24 May

Afrihost Cuts Fibre Pricing, Increases Capacity and Adds New Providers

Thanks to a reduction in IPC Costs, announced by Openserve last week, we’ll be reducing the monthly costs of all Openserve Fibre Packages to pass this saving onto all current and future clients. We believe Fibre is the future of broadband connectivity and as such we’re focussing all our attention and resources towards making Fibre a reality for as many consumers as possible.

In addition to price cuts on Openserve Fibre Packages, as well as free setups on both capped and uncapped Openserve Packages, we have acquired more IPC capacity to ensure that both Fibre and DSL Clients can enjoy an even greater online experience.

Since our last product update we’ve partnered with a few new providers, notably, Link Africa, FibreHoods, Teralink and SADV Suburbia, which will go live this week, with more providers in the pipeline, so we can continue to grow our network reach and ensure the largest possible fibre footprint of any South African ISP.

We are also currently offering Free Wi-Fi Routers with all Fibre orders, saving clients up to R1000.

While Fibre may not be available in all areas yet, It’s rolling out at a rapid pace across the country and becoming more pervasive every day! Check out our Fibre Microsite and use our Availability Map to find out if your area is Fibre ready, and what packages are on offer.

We also accept pre-orders for areas coming live in the next 1-3 months, and invite users to register their interest for areas which do not yet have a timeline for rollout.

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