• 20 Aug

Afrihost is out for Blood!

We are devoted to giving back as much as we can to this wonderful country that we live in. The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) provide a vital service to hospitals and clinics, and we believe that everyone can help to make a difference – no matter how small!

So we’re leading the way –Afrihost style!

Pop into our offices on 28 August between 9h30 and 14h30, and we’ll offer you a free Wors Roll & Cold Drink, as well as a complimentary 10GB Prepaid ADSL Voucher - just for being part of our blood drive.

Please make sure you’ve had something eat before hand so you can give blood. You can check the SANBS website for their basic blood donor criteria.

Send us an email on donateblood@afrihost.com, to make sure that you book a place to take part in this worthy cause.

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Russell said

Sorry I cannot accommodate you on the 28th as I am donating platelets on the 23rd ...

10GB data would however be nice to have as I am eagerly awaiting the release and official opening of Guildwars 2, on the 28th.

Good Wors Rolls, are not to be sniffed at either :D

Debbie Spazzoli said

Fantastic! Well done Afrihost, I am proud to have you as my ISP!  Please email us about future blood drives - I will be there with a couple of extra donors!

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