Afrihost Doubles Your Unshaped Capped GBs
  • 11 Mar

Afrihost Doubles Your Unshaped Capped GBs

It has become a tradition at Afrihost to reward clients with more data than they can imagine, at a price that's difficult to fathom. In 2013, we stunned the Broadband market by offering our unshaped, anytime Capped GBs for as little as R4 per GB and now we are happy to announce that our Capped DSL will be available from as little as R2 per GB. In effect, we will be slashing our already impressive prices by 50%. And there are no limitations on this extra data.

It is available for use at any time of the day or night - which means you do not need to schedule your internet habits around your ISP's schedule. On top of this all Capped GBs will continue to be completely Unshaped. This means that Capped clients will get the best quality GBs available, no matter what they are doing with them, at the fastest speed their Telkom line and exchange can deliver them. Standard with all Capped DSL packages, clients can run up to 10 concurrent connections with their data meaning that they will be able to share it with friends and family - there is a lot of data after all!

All Capped Data packages (excluding Bundles) will be doubled and are available immediately for new signups. All existing Capped Data clients will automatically be given double their GBs from the 1st of April. The Double GB promotion will run until 30 September, at which time the offer will be revised or extended.

Uncapped DSL clients will also have extra capacity sent their way - which will mean that the best Uncapped experience in the market will get even better.
A planned 21% upgrade on our network capacity, with capacity already added in the Northern region and more expected in the Southern and Eastern regions, will mean Uncapped clients can expect less shaping on their Non-Real-time Protocols. As always with their semi-shaped Uncapped packages, no throttling will be applied on any account and the best possible speed will be given to Real-time Protocols.

Business Uncapped will continue to be prioritised and completely unshaped no matter what Protocols are used and no matter the time of day or night.
With the extra data provided to their Capped accounts and the easing of shaping on Uncapped accounts as a result of network capacity upgrades, we aim to continue to deliver Pure Internet Joy to all new and existing clients.

PackagePriceCost Per GBPercentage Saving
4GB + 4GBR29pmR3.62/GB50%
10GB + 10GBR49pmR2.45/GB50%
20GB + 20GBR89pmR2.22/GB50%
30GB +30GBR129pmR2.15/GB50%
50GB + 50GBR199pmR1.99/GB50%
75GB + 75GBR299pmR1.99/GB50%
100GB + 100GBR399pmR1.99/GB50%
150GB + 150GBR599pmR1.99/GB50%
200GB + 200GBR799pmR1.99/GB50%

* Correct at the time of publishing. Some product specifications may have changed.

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