We’ve slashed DSL Topup Data by 83%!
  • 13 Mar

We’ve slashed DSL Topup Data by 83%!

We have introduced the cheapest DSL topup data ever in South Africa - slashing our standard top up rates to R5 per GB. 

This means that if a client reaches their monthly cap they can get extra GBs for the remainder of the month at the never seen before price of R5 per GB. This is not a special or a promotion. This is now our standard topup retail rate and it is here to stay.

Until now, we have been running 2-for-1 Topups where the effective rate per GB has been R14.50 per GB - which was one of the cheapest top up rates in the industry.

However, never satisfied to sit on our laurels, we have once again pro-actively driven the price South Africa pays for connectivity even lower.

The cost saving from our standard price of R29 to R5 is an astounding 83%!

What will this mean for the legendary 2-for-1 topups that Afrihost have run for the last 4 years?

Although the standard cost of R5 per GB will now always be available, we are sure you have not seen the last of 2-for-1 DSL topups!

Pure Topup Internet Joy!

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