Our Last-Mile Providers
We have partnered with several Last-Mile Fibre providers to ensure our network coverage is available in as many regions across the country as possible. Our coverage will grow as our partners expand their networks and we will continue to partner with additional providers in an effort to connect as many people as possible in South Africa.

Internet Problems?

Having problems with your Internet Connection? Head over to our Network Status page to check if there are any issues at the moment.

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How Fibre Works

How we bring you Blazing-Fast Broadband

Your Home

Your devices will connect to the internet via an Ethernet Cable from your router or wirelessly across supported devices through a Wi-Fi Router.

Fibre Providers

A backbone network of fibre rings installed in your area, feeds the fibre from available providers in your area, and connects to your home or office via an Optical Network Terminal.

The Afrihost Network

We’ve partnered with open access Fibre network providers which we utilise to connect you to the Afrihost network. And we've built a state-of-the-art Fixed Broadband Network, which gives us more control over every aspect of your experience.

The Internet

Using optical cables that transfer data via light on a point-to-point network, you are connected via the provider's infrastructure and then routed from the dedicated line on your property to the Afrihost Data Centre. This connects you to the World Wide Web at speeds up to 50x faster than any DSL in SA.

Network Management

Shaping and Prioritisation with Afrihost Fixed Broadband

In order to ensure that everybody has the best experience, we manage our network by prioritising different types of traffic so that our clients' Internet is running as smoothly as possible - no matter the time of the day or the utilisation of the network. Click on the button below to see how our network is managed.

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