Lowest Prepaid DSL Rate Ever
  • 13 Mar

Lowest Prepaid DSL Rate Ever

We have just launched the lowest Prepaid DSL Rate available on the market today.

Our goal is to ensure that every possible data need is covered and that every connectivity option we offer is the best value available in the market.

Not all clients want a monthly DSL solution and our Prepaid DSL is a welcome alternative if you like to prepay for your data and you want your GBs to be valid for a full year. Prepaid DSL data is also perfect for clients who spend time traveling or don’t use a lot of data in a month. Additionally prepaid clients need not worry about a monthly bill or any of their monthly data going unused.

Effective immediately, Prepaid DSL is available for R7 per GB. Slashed from R24 per GB, the new price offers a remarkable 71% saving! Prepaid DSL is valid for 12 months and works like any other Capped Data account: No shaping on any protocols - real-time and non-real-time - and users can run up to 10 concurrent connections from different lines. And you don’t need to worry about the data falling away at the end of the month either.

As soon as the data runs out, clients can purchase more data either via our website or ClientZone. The Prepaid DSL can also be used concurrently with any monthly DSL solutions users may already have.

Prepaid DSL Broadband

Get what you pay for and only pay for what you need! Our Prepaid Capped DSL is valid for a whole year - plenty of time to get the interwebz you need.

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