The Afrihost Challenge
  • 30 Apr

The Afrihost Challenge

Here at Afrihost we’re committed to Better. Being better, doing better and making things better where we can. To be better, we’ve started a drive within the company to be healthier, fitter and more disciplined. In doing better, we’ve put emphasis on training, education and life long learning to grow and nurture our team’s passions and skills. And finally, by contributing and giving back to our society, especially to those less fortunate than ourselves, we hope to make the world we live in a little better for everyone.

Since we started making an effort to get fit (mostly due to our awesome personal trainer, Themba) some of our team have been daring to go beyond the gym to pushing themselves to be healthier and fitter. The IMPI challenge is an up to 20km long obstacle course (which includes crocodiles) that challenges overall fitness, endurance and willpower. Our team assembled to do a variety of challenges, according to their fitness levels. Our trainer was there all along the way to make sure that nobody got an easy ride. While it was a tough gruelling day (you can’t really tell from the smiles in the photos) our team got to know each other a little better and learned important lessons about team work, individual achievement and motivating each other.

In our efforts to do better, the Afrihost team have completely rebooted their hiring and HR practices to ensure that we not only hire the best people, but institute the very best on-site training and learning incentives to give our clients the best service in the galaxy. We’ve more than doubled our support team in the last few months, and are continuing to recruit the very best minds in the business, to ensure we stay well ahead of the curve. We also have instituted an ambitious training programme that makes working for Afrihost a long term investment in our team’s individual and collective learning.

Our entire team is part of an ongoing charity drive, which we conduct with various charities and non-profits. Our team brought their unused clothes to donate to people in less fortunate communities. Essentially, every person received a Life Box. The project was run with Dorcas Aid, an international development and relief organisation, and Agape Village, a refuge for abused woman and children in Eldorado Park. Each Life Box contained a set of clothing, a food hamper and hosts of other goodies to help the community. Each visitor also received a free boerewors roll and cool drink for taking part in the drive. Our team were humbled by the plight of the people affected in the community, but everyone was all smiles afterwards when they were able to reflect on the small (but significant) impact they made on the day.

Well done to our team for their awesome effort! Thanks to our amazing clients who make all of this possible!

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