We’re Extending Your Mobile Awesome!
  • 21 Jan

We’re Extending Your Mobile Awesome!

We defied industry speculation today and extended our 'Double Mobile Data' promotion to the middle of 2014.

We have been running 'Double Data' promotions since our Mobile Data launch in September last year and initially promised to keep the specials running until end February 2014.

There was industry speculation that we would have no choice but to end our specials as the per GB price our clients enjoy is well below our wholesale cost.

However, we announced today that we would continue giving our Mobile Data clients DOUBLE their regular monthly data allocation (or more in some cases) until the 30th of June 2014.

Any client who signs up for Mobile Data receives this additional benefit, effectively lowering the per GB rate to as little as R24.85 on some packages. All Mobile Data packages are included in the promotion and get double their normal monthly data except for special packages like Mobile Two and Mobile Three which receive even more than Double Data monthly.

"Double Data" was originally valid until 28 February 2014, and will now be extended until the 30th June 2014, at which point the promotion may be extended or revised.

"Double data" is applicable to all normal monthly Mobile Data packages.

*Correct at time of going to press. E&OE.

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celeste said

Thank you, Afrihost :) Keep being awesome.

Rohan Mocke said

Thank you very much Afrihost! This is why I chose you guys above the rest. Keep it up!

Eugene said

Great stuff! We want to stop the line rentals and be fully mobile in every way. Keep up the great service!

Dillon Coetzer said

This makes me happy :)

Royston said

Cool bananas in pyjamas!

Gail Wilson said

Awesomeness !!!♡♥ AFRIHOST ROCKS!♡♥

jabulani said

Hippy, Afrihost u set the standard and thank u a thousand times…give and it shall be given back to u…wait and see Afrihost in 2014!

Manni said

Thank you! Thank you Afrihost!

mgcini ndebele said

Afrihost, thank u for libarating us! We were under internet oppression for too long!

Afrihost as always you are "tops" said

Afrihost just keep the specials rolling in, but even more important keep up the super, helpful, efficient after/help/ client service up !

Sherlene Khan said

Thank you Afrihost, I simply enjoy my mobile data via you guys

Patti Blackhurst said

Thank you, Afrihost! You’re super sensational!

mgcini ndebele said

Liberated from expensive data! Thank you!

Lionel said

By far the best way to access the Internet. Reliable, fast yet cheap data costs! Award-winning Champions!

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